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Hello! I’m Allison Gill. You may know me as Mueller, She Wrote on social media. The Breakdown is where I’ll be sharing my thoughts and analysis on the many legal woes of the former president. I’ve been following it all since I started the Mueller, She Wrote podcast in 2017, and I’ll help translate the legalese for laypeople.


Allison Gill is the host and executive producer of Webby-award-winning podcasts including Mueller She Wrote, The Daily Beans, Cleanup on Aisle 45, and Jack. For years she maintained her anonymity and was known only as AG so as not to run afoul of the Hatch Act or ethics policies in her job with the federal government. 

Gill has been open about her Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD, appearing in the Oscar-nominated documentary The Invisible War (2012) and advocating for the rights of MST survivors as a VA official. She penned an opinion piece for The Washington Post on the impact overturning Roe v Wade would have on Military Readiness, and many of her recommendations have been implemented by the Pentagon. Allison was the keynote speaker for National Whistleblowers Day in 2022 and continues to advocate for veterans’ issues on The Hill.

She lives and works in San Diego as an over-educated childless cat lady and is now on a mission to disrupt the profit-driven  podcast industry with her own podcasting network, MSW Media.

Kind Words About Allison

“Allison Gill is a renowned whistleblower and disruptive indie-media leader. In a way no one else can, she reveals the forces upending our world — and shows us how to shape them in a way that shores up democracy.”  - Miles Taylor, New York Times bestselling author of Blowback

“This is an important watershed moment in news media and Allison Gill is at the front in Viking horns with a sword battling the choppy seas of this insane era of news.” - Ben Folds, prolific musician and author of A Dream About Lightning Bugs

“You have obviously mastered the art of the interview that very few ever master because they lack the knowledge and understanding, the wisdom and patience to listen to the interviewee, and the quickness of thoughtful response that is only possible for one who has the knowledge and understanding, and the wisdom, and the patience. You have performed a great service to our country today.  Your father and grandfather would be so proud." - Judge J. Michael Luttig, former Judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit

"Allison Gill is one of the best interviewers in the business. She prepares, listens to her subjects, and then draws out ideas in a way that fosters a candid conversation." - Barb Mcquade, Author of Attack from Within, Former US Attorney

“Well, you’re one of the greats. Deep State Radio, Gaslit Nation, Mueller, She Wrote and the Daily Beans, I’m totally plugged into that because you guys are going to save us, I think. I don’t think I’ve missed an episode. For one, you have amazing guests on, and two, you get at things and dig deep and that’s what we need. No more excuses. People were not informed in 2016 and we can’t afford that now. You’re fighting the good fight.” - Mary Trump, New York Times bestselling author of Too Much and Never Enough

“You have the strength to stand up and tell the truth… On top of all this, you managed to create a community around the basic idea that our government is being led by some bad people, but there are some good people left who are trying to hold them accountable. You drew reasonable, curious people, who care about what this great country really stands for, together in a weekly communion of sharing ideas and laughter. You created something that meant a lot to a lot of good folks. That's pretty cool. You should be really proud.  So stay the course. It won't be easy…keep doing the right thing--for yourself and for the rest of us.” - Andrew McCabe, author of The Threat, Former Acting Director of the FBI

“In a time when so many voices have turned defeatist, Gill maintains her outrage and humor in equal measure; all while maintaining the journalistic focus to navigate and illuminate the hidden. In cynical times, her humanity is rare and refreshing.” - John Flansburgh, They Might Be Giants, contributor of the music for The Daily Beans podcast

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A breakdown of legal proceedings by Mueller, She Wrote


I'm Allison Gill - Mueller, She Wrote on Twitter - CEO of MSW Media, and host of The Daily Beans, Jack, and Cleanup on Aisle 45 podcasts.